About Us

CRoNe is a multidisciplinary group of students at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María whose main focus is to develop a worldwide-known Congress on Robotics and Neuroscience.

CRoNe is part of the student initiative Innovación y Robótica Estudiantil, whose main objective consist in offering an instance and support for developing personal projects on robotics.

Innovación y Robótica Estudiantil

Lately, CRoNe have been admitted by Fundación Mustakis, whose guidelines focus on contributing to the education excellence and social culture of Chile, disposing meeting spaces for the self-improvement of kids, teenagers and adults.

Fundación Mustakis


To consolidate a non-profit event with the purpose of spreading the R&D on robotics and neuroscience, allowing national students to establish links and a early feedback in their works from world-known speakers.


To be a world-known point of meeting for students and academics around the world, showing the state of the arts in the areas of robotics and neuroscience.