About Us

CRoNe is a multidisciplinary group of students at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María whose main focus is to develop a worldwide-known Congress on Robotics and Neuroscience. CRoNe is part of the student initiative Innovación y Robótica Estudiantil, whose main objective consist in offering an instance and support for developing personal projects on robotics.

What is Our Goal?

Our main goal is to become a world-wide-known point of meeting for students, academics and professionals in the subjects of robotics and neuroscience, exhibiting the most exciting and innovative state of the arts in these areas. Our mission is to consolidate a non-profit event with the purpose of spreading the R&D on robotics and neuroscience, allowing national students to establish links and a early feedback in their works from world-known speakers.

Nov 10




Organizer and partners



First day of attendance you will have to pay a registration fee if you are intending to assist to workshop or inauguration dinner, which value is given by:
  • Student: CLP $7.500
  • Professional: CLP $15.000
  • Inauguration dinner ticket: CLP $25.000 (until Nov.1)
Sign up on enrollment form here ensures you access to all talks on the whole event. If you pay a registration fee, in addition to having access to workshop, you will get:
  • Entrance to all the talks
  • Lunch for three days
  • Congress souvenirs

You just need to sign up here. If you are attending to workshop or inauguration dinner you will have to pay a registration fee once in the whole event on your first day of attendance.

You have to transfer CLP$25.000 to University bank account. Once we receive your registration form, organizing committee will contact you with transfer details (with Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María as bank recipient).


Means of transport

Since the University is located by the main road (Av. España) that connects Valparaíso with Viña del Mar almost any means of transport might be useful. Of particular interest might be the bus number 604 in case you don't like stairs.

If you go by metro, then you must get off at Barón station and walk about 100 meters towards Valparaíso.

Inside the University

Once inside, the congress will be held in a room named Auditorium at Building T.

If you need help finding a place to stay send us an email and we will find the way to help you.


Just your everyday cloth. (Semi) Formal code is required only for inauguration dinner.

Registration fee has to be paid just if you intend to assist to workshop or inaguration dinner. This has to be paid the first day of attendance, and receipts will be released on last day along with a certificate of participation.

Photos of Valparaíso & Chile

Event Location

Technical University Federico Santa María
Avda.España 1680